Annelise A Casano

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The hypocretins are peptides synthesized in neurons of the hypothalamus. Recent studies have suggested a role for these peptides in the regulation of sleep, feeding, and endocrine regulation. The distribution of hypocretin-immunoreactive cell bodies and fibers has been extensively described in rats, but not in other species. This study was designed to(More)
Variable degrees of acute renal failure developed in three patients receiving therapy with cephalothin sodium. The course and findings were consistent with acute tubular necrosis of the oliguric and nonoliguric types. One patient had protracted oliguria, a second experienced transient oliguria, and one had normal urine output. All had urinary sediment(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine risk factors for acquiring Burkholderia cepacia complex among patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). STUDY DESIGN A case-control study was conducted with active surveillance for B cepacia complex colonization/infection among patients at 21 CF centers from April 1986 to March 1989 (study period). A case-patient was defined as any CF(More)
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