Anneliese Watt

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BACKGROUND In response to studies suggesting risk of occupational transmission of Helicobacter pylori (HP) to endoscopy staff, this cross-sectional study of seroprevalence to HP in gastroscopy nurses working in West of Scotland hospitals (an area of high endemicity of HP infection) was performed to determine if they were at excess risk relative to peers(More)
A 32 year old male research physician accidentally received a minor wound from a needle which had been previously used on rabbit tissue. Within 15 minutes serious anaphylactic reactions started and he was taken to hospital where his condition stabilised within five hours. Serum immunoglobulin E antibodies to rabbit epithelium were high (16.2 U/ml), although(More)
Commercial 125I anti-HBs was processed to yield a sixfold improvement in economy without significant loss of sensitivity or specificity. Additional polystyrene beads were coupled with commercially supplied anti-HBs. The modified assay (Mod-RIA) was compared with commercial RIA, EIA, and RPHA using established HBsAg panels. Mod-RIA was also compared with(More)
Antibody activity in the major classes and IgG subclasses against antigens in factory humidifier water was quantified by enzyme immunoassay (EIA) in 88 subjects who were exposed at work to the output from these contaminated humidifiers. Those with work-related symptoms had significantly higher mean titres than those who were symptom free, although values(More)
BACKGROUND A latex policy was introduced in 1999 in a large, acute UK hospital. AIM To audit the impact of the policy. METHOD Semi-structured interview of the managers of 40 wards between April 2001 and July 2002. RESULTS A policy was available on only 26 (65%) of the wards. Compliance with the policy was limited to 20 (50%) wards. CONCLUSIONS(More)
Figure Malignant transitional cells in urine. (Haematoxylin and eosin x 62) filters have sometimes become opaque, because of further drying out and air becoming trapped within the pores. Comment This simple modification of the filter technique produces cellular preparations with good preservation of morphological detail unobscured by background staining.(More)
Two summer outbreaks of humidifier fever (HF) are described in a microprocessor factory (factory A) and a printing factory (factory B). The air in each factory was humidified intermittently and controlled by present humidistats operating to maintain a relative humidity of 45% by an air handler incorporating a spray humidifier in factory A and two ceiling(More)