Anneliese Watt

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The functional role of the osteoblast nuclear matrix has been a matter of supposition. Its presumed function as an architectural agent of transcription derives primarily from the low solubility of nuclear matrix proteins and their typical localization into discrete subnuclear domains. In addressing how the nuclear matrix regulates skeletal genes, the(More)
Over three decades, 12 cases of mosaicism for an autosomal rearrangement were recognised in the major cytogenetics laboratories in New Zealand, eight of which were studied between 1990 and 1992. One case inferentially involved the gonad, eight the soma, and three both gonad and soma. This mosaicism could have arisen as a postzygotic event either in a(More)
We describe the use of techniques of DNA analysis for the diagnosis of certain inherited diseases during life and in the prenatal period, and for the diagnosis of some infectious diseases. Most local and some national needs for predictive genetic testing have been met. The costs of establishing our service are presented and are compared with those of(More)
Trisomy 7, in mosaic state, was identified at chorionic villus sampling. The pregnancy was closely followed, and proceeded uneventfully. Mosaic trisomy 7 was confirmed in the term placenta, the organ having no structural abnormalities; the karyotype of the phenotypically normal baby was 46,XY. Trisomy 7, mosaic or nonmosaic, detected at chorionic villus(More)
The development of teaching materials for future software engineers is critical to the long term success of the Grid. At present however there is considerable turmoil in the Grid community both within the standards and the technology base underpinning these standards. In this context, it is especially challenging to develop teaching materials that have some(More)