Anneliese Kröger-Block

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Our previously (Nucl. Acids Res. 10, 229 (1982] described program is largely extended. Maintaining the program architecture we are now able to present the same program with a highly increased comfort. The number of nucleotides per line is variable and the option for calculating restriction enzyme fragments is included. A four digit code guides through the(More)
Four new computer programs for search of homology within nucleotide sequences are presented. The main scope of the program design is flexibility, independence of sequence length and the capability to be used by any molecular biologist without any prior computer experience. The programs offer a linear search, a search for maximal identity, an alignment along(More)
A compact new computer program for handling nucleic acid sequence data is presented. It consists of a number of different subsets, which may be used according to a given code system. The program is designed for the determination of restriction enzyme and other recognition sites in correlation with translation patterns, and allows tabulation of codon(More)
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