Annelies Van Moffaert

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We present a definition of entropy production rate for classes of deterministic and stochastic dynamics. The point of departure is a Gibbsian representation of the steady state path space measure for which ‘‘the density’’ is determined with respect to the time-reversed process. The Gibbs formalism is used as a unifying algorithm capable of incorporating(More)
Packet-based networks are more and more used to transport interactive streaming services like telephony and videophony. To guarantee a good quality for these services, the queuing delay and delay jitter introduced in the transport of voice or video flows over the packet-based network should be kept under control. Because data sources tend to increase their(More)
This paper discusses resource allocation and management in Differentia ted Services (DiffServ) networks, particularly in the context of IP telephony. We assume that each node uses Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ) schedulers in order to provide Quality of Service (QoS) to aggregates of traffic. All voice traffic destined for a certain output interface is(More)
We present a unified approach to establishing the Gibbsian character of a wide class of non-Gibbsian states, arising in the Renormalisation Group theory. Inside the realm of the Pirogov–Sinai theory for lattice spin systems, we prove that RG transformations applied to low temperature phases give rise to weakly Gibbsian measures. In other words, we show that(More)
We discuss restrictions of two-dimensional translation-invariant Gibbs measures to a one-dimensional layer. We prove that there exists a translation invariant a.s. absolutely convergent potential making these restrictions into weakly Gibbsian measures. We discuss the existence of the thermodynamic functions for this potential and the variational principle(More)
To determine the voice load that can be supported by a packet-based node, we study the MMBP/D/1 model. Using this load the number of phones that can be supported by that node is calculated. We investigate the case of homogeneous and heterogeneous traffic and phones with and without silence suppression, and study the impact of the link rate, the activity(More)
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