Anneli Lundkvist

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Using an atomic force microscope (AFM) with an attachment specifically designed for indentation, we measured the mechanical properties of demineralized human dentin under three conditions: in water, in air after desiccation, and in water after rehydration. The static elastic modulus (E(h)r = 134 kPa) and viscoelastic responses (tau(epsilon) = 5.1 s and(More)
To assess the effects of different planting systems on early performance (survival, shoot emergence time, number of shoots, maximum shoot height and biomass shoot production) of willow, cuttings of varying lengths were planted horizontally at different depths and compared with vertically planted cuttings. Cutting lengths of (i) 25–200 cm and (ii) 7–21 cm(More)
To evaluate the effects of weed competition and nitrogen fertilization on the early growth performance of willow, cuttings of the clone Tora (Salix schwerinii x S. viminalis) were planted in buckets together with model weeds (spring barley or white mustard) sown 15, 26, and 30 days after willow planting. The buckets were fertilized with 30 or 90 kg N ha−1.(More)
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