Anneli Edman

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Negatively stained cryo-sections from glutaraldehyde fixed, anti-freeze treated muscle, quench-frozen in Freon cooled by liquid nitrogen, show improved preservation of axial structure of the myofibrils compared with conventional plastic sections. Such sections are being used both to characterize the structural differences inthe M-bands of different(More)
We propose a software architecture for user-cooperative systems, like knowledge systems. This architecture incorporates important notions for building up a context, such as cooperation, explanations and incremental knowledge acquisition. Our main concern in this paper is representation methodology. We show that the architecture can be realized as a pure(More)
Cryomethods were used in order to investigate the ultrastructure of native elastin fibres from beef ligamentum nuchae. Filaments of diameter 5 nm, running almost in parallel in purified, negatively-stained elastin preparations, were also seen running along the elastin fibre both in freeze-fractured and etched elastin, that had been stretched up to 200%, and(More)
Electron micrographs of longitudinal ultrathin cryo-sections and plastic sections of chicken pectoralis muscle together with their average images have been used to study in detail the axial structure of the M-band. It was found that M-band structure could vary markedly in different fibres, even within the white part of the muscle. Strong M-band density(More)
Informal math coaching by instant messaging: Two case studies of how university students coach K-12 students Stefan Hrastinski, Anneli Edman, Fredrik Andersson, Tanvir Kawnine & Carol-Ann Soames a Department of Media Technology and Interaction Design, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden b Department of Informatics and Media, Uppsala(More)