Anneke Hoekstra

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BACKGROUND The effects of treatment of children with longitudinal radial deficiency are generally evaluated by measuring grip and pinch strength and joint mobility. Insight into limitations of activities of children with radial deficiency is scarce. In this study, we used standardized instruments to assess impairments in hand function and activity(More)
In order to explore the influence of an isolated congenital hand malformation on psychomotor development, we performed an exploratory, observational study on 18 children with triphalangeal thumbs. The investigative procedure consisted of a hand function examination, a semi-structured interview with the mother about the development of the child, the(More)
The effect of direct current stimulation on bone formation during limb lengthening was tested in a lower leg lengthening model in the rabbit. Limb lengthening was performed by distraction epiphysiolysis. A specially designed external distraction device was placed at the tibia. The distractor allowed 10 mm of lengthening in 4 weeks. Two weeks after starting(More)
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