Anneke Frerichs

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Taxonomically restricted genes are known to contribute to the evolution of new traits. In Craterostigma plantagineum two of such genes are modulated during dehydration and rehydration and seem to contribute to a successful recovery after desiccation. The resurrection plant Craterostigma plantagineum can tolerate extreme water loss. Protective molecules(More)
The paralogous genes DORNRÖSCHEN (DRN) and DORNRÖSCHEN-LIKE (DRNL) encode AP2-type transcription factors that are expressed and act cell-autonomously in the central stem-cell zone or lateral organ founder cells (LOFCs) in the peripheral zone of the Arabidopsis shoot meristem (SAM), but their molecular contribution is unknown. Here, we show using the(More)
Although the pattern of lateral organ formation from apical meristems establishes species-specific plant architecture, the positional information that confers cell fate to cells as they transit to the meristem flanks where they differentiate, remains largely unknown. We have combined fluorescence-activated cell sorting and RNA-seq to characterise the(More)
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