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The results of the general Atlas of Health and Working Conditions by Occupation were compared with the results of the Atlas of Health and Working Conditions in the Construction Industry. Both are based on questionnaire data from periodical occupational health surveys [POHSs]. The scores on most of the items showed considerable differences between the two(More)
BACKGROUND This study compares the assessment, treatment, referral, and follow up contact with the dispatch centre of emergency patients treated by two types of solo emergency care providers in ambulance emergency medical services (EMS) in the Netherlands: the physician assistant (PA), educated in the medical domain, and the ambulance registered nurse (RN),(More)
As part of an ongoing effort by the ministry of Social Affairs and Employment of The Netherlands a research project is being undertaken to construct a causal model for the most commonly occurring scenarios related to occupational risk. This model should provide quantitative insight in the causes and consequences of occupational accidents. The results should(More)
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