Annegret Brandt

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Patients with skin penetrating titanium implants in the temporal bone, for attachment of bone-anchored hearing aids, have made it possible to investigate the free-damped natural frequencies (resonance frequencies) of the human skull in vivo. The resonance frequencies of the skull of six subjects were investigated. Teh resonance frequencies were extracted(More)
Bacteria react to adverse environmental stimuli by clustering into organized communities called biofilms. A remarkably sophisticated control system based on the dinucleotide 3'-5' cyclic diguanylic acid (c-di-GMP) is involved in deciding whether to form or abandon biofilms. The ability of c-di-GMP to form self-intercalated dimers is also thought to play a(More)
The linearity of sound propagation through the human skull was investigated. One male subject, equipped with bilateral skin-penetrating titanium fixtures for attachment of bone-anchored hearing aids, was studied thoroughly. Three different methods were used: comparison of the frequency response functions estimated at different signal levels (using stepped(More)
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