Annees Razzouk

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In pigs under general anesthesia, the mutual relation between ureterovesical flow and detrusor activity was evaluated with juxtavesical ureteral perfusion pressure measurements and cystometry. At constant bladder filling volume ureterovesical perfusion could provoke detrusor activity, which was positively related to the perfusion rate, and which disappeared(More)
The benefits of coronary sinus (CS) cardioplegia are well known, yet CS cardioplegia is not used widely owing to the need for bicaval cannulation, snares, and an atriotomy. We designed and used in 225 consecutive patients a catheter containing a flexible removable stylet that, when shaped into a hockey-stick configuration, enabled blind intubation of the CS(More)
Malignancy of the pericardium is a very rare entity. We describe here a case of a 38-year-old male admitted because of chest pain and shortness of breath. Following magnetic resonance imaging and CT-guided biopsy of the mediastinal mass, spindle cell sarcoma of the pericardium was diagnosed. The tumor was deemed unresectable due to invasion of vital(More)
Chronic subgaleal abscesses have been extremely rare since the advent of antimicrobial therapy. The majority of reported cases have occurred as acute infections following traumatic scalp lacerations or needle electrode insertion for fetal monitoring. The rich blood supply of the head makes widespread infection from a scalp surgical wound a very unlikely(More)
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