Annedore Koch

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BACKGROUND The clinical efficacy of IV administered hypertonic saline solution and hypertonic bicarbonate solution (HBS) in the treatment of inappetent diarrheic calves has not been compared yet. HYPOTHESIS HBS is more advantageous than hypertonic saline in the treatment of calves with severe metabolic acidosis. ANIMALS Twenty-eight dehydrated,(More)
Autoimmune hyperthyroidism may occur several months after radioiodine therapy (RIT) for functional thyroid autonomy. Exacerbation of pre-existing subclinical Graves’ disease (GD) has been held responsible for this phenomenon. Determination of TSH receptor antibody using solubilised porcine epithelial cell membranes is insensitive and may have failed to(More)
Sirs: Primary lymphoma of the central nervous system (CNS) account for about 1–3 % of all primary brain tumors. Involvement of the peripheral nervous system by lymphoma is a rarity, typically secondary, either by direct extension of the neoplasm from an adjacent, involved site or in the context of systemic dissemination. Only a few cases have been reported(More)
Description of a variant of multiple myeloma in a dog lacking the gammopathy normally associated with this type of neoplasm. A Border Collie mongrel was presented with symptoms of progressive hind-leg weakness, lethargy and tiredness, which had started to appear 6 weeks previously. Radiographic examination showed small osteolytic areas in the spinal column,(More)
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