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The fourth-order derivative spectrum from the alcoholic sample is used. HCT can be determined by a specific peak-trough, of low intensity, at 330-340 nm. For IST evaluation, a peak-trough around 250-310 nm is available, common to both products, whose amplitude increases linearly only for low concentration values, while it decreases at higher values. The(More)
The quantitative evaluation of algorithms applied to remotely sensed hyperspectral imagery require data sets with known ground truth. A recent data collection known as SHARE 2012, conducted by scientists in the Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing Laboratory at the Rochester Institute of Technology together with several outside collaborators, acquired(More)
Hyperspectral Imaging has been advanced by recent improvements in airborne imaging hardware. Early airborne HSI datasets such as Indian Pines, have a relatively low spatial and spectral resolution and are useful primarily for research purposes. Higher resolution and lower sensor noise has become the industry standard. Since there is more high quality data(More)
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