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This paper shows, through a numerical example, how to develop portfolios of flood management activities that generate the highest return under an acceptable risk for an area in the central part of the Netherlands. The paper shows a method based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) that contributes to developing flood management strategies. MPT aims at finding(More)
To cite articles published in the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, please reference the above information and include paragraph numbers if necessary Abstract This paper presents an Agent-based LOcation Model (ABLOoM). ABLOoM simulates the location decisions of two main types of agents, namely households and firms. The model contains(More)
The European project FIRMA (Freshwater Integrated Resource Management with Agents) aims to improve water resource planning by combining agent-based modelling and integrated assessment to describe physical, hydrological, social and economic aspects of water resource management in an integrated way. This paper describes an approach that couples an agent-based(More)
The authors present an agent-based model representing a policy process among stakeholders of river management. For evaluating the different river management alternatives, the agent-based model is coupled to an integrated river model that describes the impacts of river management, such as flood risk, nature development, and costs. The model is applied to the(More)