Anne Winifred Taylor

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BACKGROUND To determine the prevalence and cost of alternative medicines and alternative practitioner use in an Australian population. METHODS We conducted a representative population survey of persons aged 15 or older living in South Australia, which required 3004 personal interviews. We assessed the rates of use and types of alternative medicine and(More)
OBJECTIVE To define the prevalence of pelvic floor disorders in a non-institutionalised community and to determine the relationship to gender, age, parity and mode of delivery. DESIGN A representative population survey using the 1998 South Australian Health Omnibus Survey. SAMPLE Random selection of 4400 households; 3010 interviews were conducted in the(More)
OBJECTIVE To survey the use, cost, beliefs and quality of life of users of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). DESIGN A representative population survey conducted in 2004 with longitudinal comparison to similar 1993 and 2000 surveys. PARTICIPANTS 3015 South Australian respondents over the age of 15 years (71.7% participation). RESULTS In(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to measure trends in the prevalence and cost of alternative medicines and alternative practitioner use in an Australian population and to obtain a profile of users and their beliefs. METHODS In 2000, we repeated a 1993 representative population survey of persons ages 15 years or older living in South Australia,(More)
To determine the self reported prevalence of suicidal ideation in South Australia and to examine the relationship of suicidal ideation with a range of risk, social and demographic factors and related health issues using data collected in a risk factor surveillance system. Data were collected using a monthly risk factor surveillance system where each month a(More)
The North West Adelaide Health Study is a representative longitudinal cohort study of people originally aged 18 years and over. The aim of this study was to describe normative data for hand grip strength in a community-based Australian population. Secondary aims were to investigate the relationship between body mass index (BMI) and hand grip strength, and(More)
Background: Multimorbidity, the simultaneous occurrence of two or more chronic conditions, is usually associated with older persons. This research assessed multimorbidity across a range of ages so that planners are informed and appropriate prevention programs, management strategies and health service/health care planning can be implemented. Methods:(More)
OBJECTIVE Reports of the prevalence and impact of comorbid conditions among people with asthma have been limited to certain population groups or convenience samples. Our aim was to examine the prevalence of major comorbidity in asthma and associations with quality of life and functional status in the general population. STUDY DESIGN/SETTING The WANTS(More)
The North West Adelaide Health Study is a population-based biomedical cohort study investigating the prevalence of a number of chronic conditions and health-related risk factors along a continuum. This methodology may assist with evidence-based decisions for health policy makers and planners, and inform health professionals who are involved in chronic(More)
Previous studies using clinic or convenience samples have indicated that not only patients with arthritis are at increased risk of depression, but there may also be a link between depression and disability in people with arthritis. We examined the prevalence of psychological distress in a population sample with and without arthritis and the association with(More)