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1999 3 Acknowledgements Let me tell you, writing a thesis is not always a barrel of laughs—and strange things can happen, too. For example, at the height of my thesis paranoia, I had a recurrent dream in which my cat Amy gave me detailed advice on how to restructure the thesis chapters, which was awfully nice of her. But I also had a lot of human help(More)
The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the concept of building resilience as a strategy for responding to adversity experienced by burns nurses. Nurses who care for patients with severe burn injury are often exposed to patients' pain and disfigurement, encountering emotional exhaustion, distress, reduced self-esteem, and desensitization to(More)
OBJECTIVE It has been reported that the diagnosis of a chronic illness increases a child's susceptibility to future mental health problems. Accordingly, the objective of the current review was to summarise the best available evidence that described a young person's experience of chronic illness and make recommendations towards the promotion of mental health(More)
There is little known about private practice nursing as an area of advanced practice. As more nurses take the option to develop private practice, the experiences of and influences on nurses currently in private practice might be a useful guide to the pitfalls and difficulties which might be encountered. In addition, an understanding of the experiences of(More)
Background  The increasing cost of healthcare in Australia demands changes in the way healthcare is delivered. Nurse practitioners have been introduced into specialty areas including emergency departments. Specific interventions are known to include the treatment and management of minor injuries, but little has been reported on their work. Objectives (More)
Background  The onset of depression during adolescence can adversely impact future functioning. Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has been suggested to prevent depression in adolescence by providing an individual with the ability to interpret and the tools to deal with the impact of negative life events. Objective  Examine the best available evidence to(More)
BACKGROUND As general practice nurses (GPNs) now perform many activities formerly undertaken by general practitioners (GPs), the paperwork and process of the Scottish GP appraisal scheme may be usefully replicated for GPN appraisal. METHOD Eight GPNs adapted paperwork. Ten GP appraisers in NHS Lanarkshire were invited to interview their GPN(s) using the(More)
Within a decade after John von Neumann and colleagues conducted the first experimental weather forecast on the ENIAC computer in the late 1940s, numerical models of the atmosphere become the foundation of modern-day weather forecasting and one of the driving application areas in computer science. This article describes research that is enabling a major(More)