Anne Wilson

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Within a decade after John von Neumann and colleagues conducted the first experimental weather forecast on the ENIAC computer in the late 1940s, numerical models of the atmosphere become the foundation of modern-day weather forecasting and one of the driving application areas in computer science. This article describes research that is enabling a major(More)
1. Abstract Time Series Data Server (TSDS) is a software package for implementing a server that provides fast super-setting, sub-setting, filtering, and uniform gridding of time series-like data. TSDS was developed to respond quickly to requests for long time spans of data. Data may be served from a fast database, typically created by aggregating granules(More)
The US Food and Drug Administration recently revealed that it is considering modifying the Nutrition Facts Panels required on packaged foods. One proposed change is increasing serving sizes included on labels, which has two potential implications. Larger serving sizes could increase consumption if consumers use the serving sizes displayed as a reference(More)
ach year across the US, mesoscale weather events—flash floods, tornadoes, hail, strong winds, lightning, and localized winter storms—cause hundreds of deaths, routinely disrupt transportation and commerce , and lead to economic losses averaging more than US$13 billion. 1 Although mitigating the impacts of such events would yield enormous economic and(More)
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