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The equatorial segment of the acrosome underlies the domain of the sperm that fuses with the egg membrane during fertilization. Equatorial segment protein (ESP), a novel 349-amino acid concanavalin-A-binding protein encoded by a two-exon gene (SP-ESP) located on chromosome 15 at q22, has been localized to the equatorial segment of ejaculated human sperm.(More)
BACKGROUND The precise composition of the human sperm plasma membrane, the molecular interactions that define domain specific functions, and the regulation of membrane associated proteins during the capacitation process, still remain to be fully understood. Here, we investigated the repertoire of calcium-regulated proteins associated with the human sperm(More)
A protein spot cored from a silver-stained two dimensional (2D) gel of germinal vesicle stage immature mouse oocytes was identified as Transforming Acidic Coiled Coil containing protein (TACC3) by tandem mass spectrometry. PCR amplification revealed two alternatively spliced forms, Tacc3a and Tacc3b, in mouse ovarian cDNA libraries. TACC3a encoded a 630 aa(More)
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