Anne West

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Whole-genome sequencing harbors unprecedented potential for characterization of individual and family genetic variation. Here, we develop a novel synthetic human reference sequence that is ethnically concordant and use it for the analysis of genomes from a nuclear family with history of familial thrombophilia. We demonstrate that the use of the major allele(More)
Microarray analysis has become a widely used method for generating gene expression data on a genomic scale. Microarrays have been enthusiastically applied in many fields of biological research, even though several open questions remain about the analysis of such data. A wide range of approaches are available for computational analysis, but no general(More)
The dramatic growth in the availability of personal genomic data to non-experts, and the use of digital media for delivering personal genomic information, raise important HCI questions. We seek to advance the theory and practice of HCI by investigating fundamental issues concerning non-expert interaction with complex scientific information. Specifically, we(More)
Synaptic activity can trigger gene expression programs that are required for the stable change of neuronal properties, a process that is essential for learning and memory. Currently, it is still unclear how the stimulation of dendritic synapses can be coupled to transcription in the nucleus in a timely way given that large distances can separate these two(More)
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