Anne W. Hunt

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Impairments in executive function, self-regulation and attribution individually have been implicated in impairment in goal-directed behaviour, resulting in reduced participation in daily activities by individuals with brain injury. There is minimal literature that explicitly addresses the relationships among these constructs, how these may be affected by(More)
BACKGROUND Concussion is a considerable public health problem in youth. However, identifying, understanding and implementing best evidence informed recovery guidelines may be challenging for families given the vast amount of information available in the public domains (e.g. Internet). The objective of this study was to develop, implement and evaluate the(More)
INTRODUCTION Current management of concussion consists of early education, rest until symptom free, with gradual return to school and physical activity protocols. Although this management strategy is effective for most youth who sustain a concussion, it is not an appropriate strategy for youth with persistent postconcussion symptoms. Prolonged rest and(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with cognitive impairments following a stroke are often denied access to inpatient rehabilitation. The few patients with cognitive impairment admitted to rehabilitation generally receive services based on outdated impairment-reduction models, rather than recommended function-based approaches. Both reduced access to rehabilitation and the(More)
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