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OBJECTIVE To explore the types, prevalence and associated variables of cyberbullying among students with intellectual and developmental disability attending special education settings. METHODS Students (n = 114) with intellectual and developmental disability who were between 12-19 years of age completed a questionnaire containing questions related to(More)
A multidisciplinary study was undertaken to determine the number of patients that recovered, deteriorated or remained unchanged during a cardiac rehabilitation programme, as assessed in medical, social and psychological terms. In addition, the relationship between the medical, social and psychological aspects of recovery were investigated. Criteria for(More)
REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY Field based studies of changes in fitness are difficult to conduct in galloping Thoroughbreds. Measurements of heart rate (HR) and real time velocity with a global positioning system (GPS) could provide a method for routine field studies of fitness. OBJECTIVE To investigate measurements of fitness in the field without using(More)
In a multicentered trial, the authors investigated 280 cardiac patients to determine the level of recovery of their social life after they had completed a physical training program. Data on work and leisure activities (sports, hobbies, social contacts, and odd jobs) were obtained immediately before and after rehabilitation and again 12 months later by means(More)
Many children referred because of 'learning disability' have mothers in full-time employment. This study was undertaken to examine the effect of maternal employment on school readiness. One hundred and seven children were studied. Forty-six were the offspring of women who had not gone out to work since the birth of the child (group A). The mothers of the(More)
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