Anne Vercammen

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Priming studies have demonstrated that an object's intrinsic and extrinsic qualities (size, orientation) influence subsequent motor behavior thus suggesting that these object qualities 'afford' actions that are congruent with the prime. We present four experiments that aim to evaluate the relative effect of conceptual and physical object qualities on action(More)
A conjugate made of alpha-MSH as a drug carrier and melphalan has been designed in order to target human melanoma cells. Iodination of the alpha-MSH moiety led to a relatively stable tracer which could be easily separated and analysed by reverse phase high pressure liquid chromatography. The conjugate was found to be unstable at neutral pH and a serious(More)
Acidothermophilic bacteria like Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris and Bacillus coagulans can cause spoilage of heat-processed acidic foods because they form spores with very high heat resistance and can grow at low pH. The objective of this work was to study the germination and inactivation of A. acidoterrestris and B. coagulans spores by high hydrostatic(More)
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