Anne V. Goodchild

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In this paper we look at the longer term impact of double cycling on port operations including crane, vessel, and berth productivity. Double cycling is a technique by which empty crane moves are converted into productive ones. We use a double cycling sequence that is operationally convenient, easy to model, and nearly optimum. We compare the performance of(More)
Service times at vehicle processing facilities (borders, weigh stations, landside marine port gates) are variable, thereby causing transportation planning challenges for companies that regularly visit them. Companies must either build more time into their schedule than is necessary, therefore underutilizing their equipment, or risk missing delivery windows(More)
This paper considers the effectiveness of a truck appointment system in improving the yard efficiency of the container terminal. This research uses truck appointment information to improve the import container retrieval operation and reduce container rehandles by adopting an advanced container location assignment algorithm. By reducing the container(More)
Shippers and motor carriers are impacted by and react differently to travel time variability due to their positions within the supply chain and end goals. Through interviews and focus groups these differences have been further examined. Shippers, defined here as entities that send or receive goods, but do not provide the transportation themselves, are most(More)
The Transportation Research Forum, founded in 1958, is an independent, nonprofit organization of transportation professionals who conduct, use, and benefit from research. Its purpose is to provide an impartial meeting ground for carriers, shippers, government officials, consultants, university researchers, suppliers, and others seeking exchange of(More)
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