Anne V Bedigian

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Although massive membrane rearrangements occur during cell division, little is known about specific roles that lipids might play in this process. We report that the lipidome changes with the cell cycle. LC-MS-based lipid profiling shows that 11 lipids with specific chemical structures accumulate in dividing cells. Using AFM, we demonstrate differences in(More)
Macromolecules enter cells by endocytosis and are sorted to different cellular destinations in early/sorting endosomes. The mechanism and regulation of sorting are poorly understood, although transitions between vesicular and tubular endosomes are important. We found that the antihypertensive drug Prazosin inhibits endocytic sorting by an off-target(More)
Cytokinesis, the last step during cell division, is a highly coordinated process that involves the relay of signals from both the outside and inside of the cell. We have a basic understanding of how cells regulate internal events, but how cells respond to extracellular cues is less explored. In a systematic RNAi screen of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)(More)
Although cells undergo dramatic shape changes during cytokinesis, the role of the plasma membrane and lipids is poorly understood. We report that inactivation of glucosyl ceramide synthase (GCS), either by RNAi or with the small molecule PPMP, causes failure of cleavage furrow ingression. Using mass-spectrometry-based global lipid profiling, we identify(More)
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