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Friction ridge impression appearance can be affected due to the type of surface touched and pressure exerted during deposition. Understanding the magnitude of alterations, regions affected, and systematic/detectable changes occurring would provide useful information. Geometric morphometric techniques were used to statistically characterize these changes.(More)
In this work, we cope with the problem of identifying the number of repetitions of a specific video clip in a target video clip. Generally, the methods that deal with this problem can be subdivided into methods that use: (i) video signatures afterward the step of temporal video segmentation; and (ii) string matching algorithms afterward transformation of(More)
Unsupervised segmentation, based on texture analysis, classifies each image region into three groups: live cells, necrotic cells and background. The segmentation is based on three discriminant functions, built using a total of 12 parameters derived from the histogram and the co-occurrence matrix. These parameters were selected performing a discriminant(More)
The analysis of the electromyographic signal of the diaphragm muscle (EMGdi) can provide important information in order to evaluate the respiratory muscular function. However, EMGdi signals are usually contaminated by the electrocardiographic (ECG) signal. An adaptive noise cancellation (ANC) based on event-synchronous cancellation can be used to reduce the(More)
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