Anne Tjoenneland

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The genetic susceptibility hypothesis has been used to explain why only a minority of smokers develop lung cancer. Only few studies have studied the role of polymorphisms in phase-I and II metabolizing genes, among young lung cancer patients. We have pooled the individual data of three studies from Denmark and Norway, including 320 patients diagnosed with(More)
Recent reports have raised the question, whether the previously observed protective effects of high intake of fruit and vegetables on the risk of lung cancer were due to insufficient adjustment for smoking leading to residual confounding. Association of intake of fruit and vegetables on lung cancer risk was examined, using the Danish prospective cohort(More)
Few consistent etiological factors have been identified for primary brain tumors. Inverse associations to asthma and low levels of varicella-zoster virus, immunoglobulin (Ig) levels in prevalent cases have indicted a role for the immune system in the development of glioma. Because samples from prevalent cases of glioma could be influenced by treatments such(More)
The objective of the study was to examine the prognostic effect of dietary intake of fruit and vegetables on lung cancer patients. We used data on 57,053 participants in the Danish prospective cohort study, 'Diet, Cancer and Health'. Patients in whom lung cancer was diagnosed constituted the final study cohort and were followed from the date of diagnosis(More)
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