Anne Thielemans

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Quantification of virus-like RNA sequences in biological fluids, like serum and cerebrospinal fluid, requires an RNA extraction method that is both reproducible and fast. Three RNA extraction methods were tested on enteroviruses: (1) the acid guanidine thiocyanate-phenol/chloroform (AGPC) method; (2) a method based on differential precipitation of the RNA(More)
A visual classification technique based on the construction of convex hull boundaries in combination with a principal component analysis is described. This combined technique was evaluated in the situation in which a distinction has to be made between 2 pure animal fat classes and the corresponding mixture class. In the first instance, a principal component(More)
The feasibility of using expert systems for the development of analytical procedures is investigated. A system for the computer generation of procedures to determine active drug substances in commercial formulations is proposed. It is shown that in nearly 85% of the cases investigated the present system immediately yields a correct procedure or conclusion.(More)
Different multivariate methods have been applied to obtain an overview of the Belgian female cancer mortality distribution. The resulting maps and figures show the patterns of female cancer mortality to be strongly geographically determined. Two major trends can be derived namely along the north-south axis and along the east-west axis of the country. The(More)
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