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Keywords: Inservice teacher Technology use Technology integration Teacher technology use Teacher professional development a b s t r a c t Early studies indicated that teachers' enacted beliefs, particularly in terms of classroom technology practices, often did not align with their espoused beliefs. Researchers concluded this was due, at least in part, to a(More)
Despite increases in computer access and technology training, technology is not being used to support the kinds of instruction believed to be most powerful. In this paper, we examine technology integration through the lens of the teacher as an agent of change: What are the necessary characteristics, or qualities, that enable teachers to leverage technology(More)
Keywords: Teacher beliefs Teacher values Teacher attitudes Technology integration Teacher technology use a b s t r a c t Studies have indicated that when teachers believe technology uses are valuable, they are more likely to incorporate those uses into their practices. This hermeneutical phenomenology study investigated the value beliefs that underlie(More)
Despite the challenges inherent in adopting problem-based learning (PBL) in the middle school classroom, successful PBL teachers are able to effectively address these challenges. In this exploratory study we examined the perceptions and practices of five successful middle school PBL teachers regarding the specific challenges posed by PBL and the strategies(More)
Project Description Just Be is an interactive road show where undergraduate and graduate students travel to Indiana K-12 schools to deliver a highly interactive and educational presentation aimed at dispelling gender and race-based myths on careers in information technology [1-2]. Over the last three years, Just Be has reached more than 1,500 school-age(More)
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