Anne T. A. Nguyen

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The effects of biodiversity on the transmission of infectious diseases now stand as a cornerstone of many public health policies. The upper Amazonia and Guyana shield are hot-spots of biodiversity that offer genuine opportunities to explore the relationship between the risk of transmission of Chagas disease and the diversity of its triatomine vectors. Over(More)
Eruptive melanocytic nevi have been reported in association with severe blistering diseases, renal transplantation, malignancy, AIDS, and medications. Eruptive nevi associated with medications have been reported with increasing frequency. Of particular interest are eruptive nevi associated with medications developing in association with biologic therapies,(More)
The effect of fluctuating environmental conditions (i.e. environmental stochasticity) on the evolution of virulence has been broadly overlooked, presumably due to a lack of connection between the fields of evolutionary epidemiology and insect ecology. Practitioners of the latter have known for a long time that stochastic environmental variations can impact(More)
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