Anne Stone

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DNA was extracted from the Neandertal-type specimen found in 1856 in western Germany. By sequencing clones from short overlapping PCR products, a hitherto unknown mitochondrial (mt) DNA sequence was determined. Multiple controls indicate that this sequence is endogenous to the fossil. Sequence comparisons with human mtDNA sequences, as well as phylogenetic(More)
  • Deepa Agashe, Joshua Akey, Doris Bachtrog, Miriam Barlow, Anna Di Rienzo, Joel Dudley +46 others
  • 2015
Cover Art Caption: Gene expression data coupled with genomic comparisons between ants that produce or do not produce the worker caste suggest that there are no explicitly " worker " genes. The ant photograph is of Pogonomyrmex barbatus workers next to P. anergismus social parasites (with wings), used with permission from
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