Anne-Sophie Voisin-Chiret

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Overexpression of efflux pumps is an important mechanism of bacterial resistance that results in the extrusion of antimicrobial agents outside the bacterial cell. Inhibition of such pumps appears to be a promising strategy that could restore the potency of existing antibiotics. The NorA efflux pump of Staphylococcus aureus confers resistance to a wide range(More)
In response to the extensive use of antibiotics, bacteria have evolved numerous mechanisms of defense against antimicrobial agents. Among them, extrusion of the antimicrobial agents outside the bacterial cell through efflux pumps is a major cause of concern. At first limited to one or few structurally-related antibiotics, bacterial resistance have then(More)
Pyridoclax is an original oligopyridine lead, very promising in treatment of chemoresistant cancers. However, from solubility measurement and permeability evaluation, it appeared that this compound can be considered as a BCS II drug, with a poor water solubility. To overcome this unfavorable property, two strategies were proposed and compared: pyridoclax(More)
Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative brain disorder in which many biological dysfunctions are involved. Among them, two main types of lesions were discovered and widely studied: the amyloid plaques and the neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs). These two lesions are caused by the dysfunction and the accumulation of two proteins which are, respectively,(More)
The GP2A European Conference is a two-day meeting focused on medicinal chemistry and the use of tools to explore all fields of drug discovery and drug design such as molecular modelling, bioorganic chemistry, MS studies, in vitro in vivo assays, and structure activity relationships. Abstracts of keynote lectures, plenary lectures, junior lectures, flash(More)
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