Anne-Sophie Tardif

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Proper handling of semen prior to computer-assisted sperm analysis (CASA) is critical if the analysis is to be representative of the fresh sample. The effects of diluting medium or dilution and holding time before CASA on multiple sperm characteristics were studied. Four replicates of unselected semen samples from each of eight human donors were diluted(More)
Computer-assisted sperm analysis equipment was used to evaluate bull sperm initially in a modified Tyrode's solution, in Cornell University extender, and in egg yolk-glycerol-Tris extender (following cooling and storage in the latter two extenders). Two ejaculates of semen were collected from each of eight bulls. Semen was divided into aliquots using a(More)
Fast-growing trees provide opportunities for carbon (C) sequestration. This study compared the C sequestration potential and cost benefit of four cultivation systems in southern Quebec, Canada. The systems studied included two hybrid poplar cultivation systems, a hybrid poplar and hay intercropping system (111 trees ha−1) and a hybrid poplar plantation(More)
The objective of this research was to investigate possible procedures for evaluating living bull sperm stained with Hoechst 33342 while in a simple medium and in commonly used complex egg yolk-glycerol-Tris (EYGT) and whole milk-glycerol (WMG) extenders. The two semen extenders provide good cryoprotection, but the latter one virtually obscures the sperm. To(More)
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