Anne-Sophie Laurenson

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Drosophila neuroblasts (NBs) have emerged as a model for stem cell biology that is ideal for genetic analysis but is limited by the lack of cell-type-specific gene expression data. Here, we describe a method for isolating large numbers of pure NBs and differentiating neurons that retain both cell-cycle and lineage characteristics. We determine(More)
BACKGROUND In the cerebellum of newborn S100B-EGFP mice, we had previously noted the presence of a large population of S100B-expressing cells, which we assumed to be immature Bergmann glial cells. In the present study, we have drawn on this observation to establish the precise spatio-temporal pattern of S100B gene expression in the embryonic cerebellum. (More)
Genetic models such as Drosophila have sophisticated transgenic and molecular genetic tools available to investigate proliferation control in normal and tumorigenic neural stem cells. In this report, we adapted a targeted transgenic RNAi knockdown approach based on the Gal4/UAS expression system to the study of neoplastic tumor formation and metastatic(More)
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