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Quantitative diffusion imaging in breast cancer: a clinical prospective study.
PURPOSE To study the correlation between apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) and pathology in patients with undefined breast lesion, to validate how accurately ADC is related to histology, and toExpand
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Structural and motional features of benzene-solvated C60 as revealed by high-resolution solid state NMR
Abstract Structural and motional features of C 60 · 4C 6 H 6 solvate has been investigated by high-resolution 13 C solid-state NMR spectroscopy. 13 C line shape analysis of the cross-polarizationExpand
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Le solvate C60, 2S8: mystères et certitudes
In the C 60 .2S g 8 solvate, thermodynamic data seem to indicate that the excess interactions between the S 8 cycles and the C 60 molecules, with respect to interactions in pure sulfur, areExpand
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Molecular dynamics of C60·2S8: A 13C NMR study
13C NMR studies of polycrystalline C60·2S8 are reported. At room temperature, the static 13C NMR spectra are similar to the 13C spectrum of polycrystalline C60, which suggests that C60 moleculesExpand
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Molecular orientational dynamics in C70S48: Investigation by 13C MAS NMR
At room temperature the MAS 13C NMR spectrum of C70S48 is identical to that of pure C70 above 323 K, except that the 13C line is shifted by 1.7 ppm compared to that of pure C70. From these results,Expand
NMR study of C60⋅C7H8 by cross polarization and polarization inversion of rare-spin magnetization
Solid state NMR spectroscopy has been used to study the molecular dynamics of the toluene-solvated C60 compound, C60⋅C7H8. From the 1H→13C cross-polarization experiments (CP), we have obtained theExpand
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Medical physics principles of radiosurgery.
Beside basic physical notions such as ionizing radiation, beam production and beam characteristics, this chapter will focus on two major principles that should always be considered in a radiosurgeryExpand
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Benzene-solvated C60:1H nuclear spin-lattice magnetic relaxation
Abstract Crystalline C 60 .4C 6 H 6 was studied by NMR. Using a saturation-recovery method, the spin-lattice relaxation time, T 1 , of the protons of benzene was measured as a function of temperatureExpand
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