Anne-Sophie Duret

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Maxillary hypoplasia is a common sequel in cleft lip and palate deformities. After primary surgery to close lip and palate, patients routinely need extensive treatment particularly orthodontic management. With this type of approach, maxillary hypoplasia is less frequent and severe and subsequent orthognathic surgery is efficient in most cases. Without the(More)
Cleft lips and cleft palates are managed in the department of Pediatric surgery in Rouen for the last 30 years. From the antenatal diagnosis, the parents got in touch with the surgeon who will coordinate this management. Around thirty new patients are treated every year. The chronology of the treatment is of "classic" manner. The cleft lip is repaired at(More)
  • Anne-Sophie Duret, Pierre Hereil, Philippe Mitaine, Nicolas Moussavi, Thierry Roncalli
  • 2008
This paper studies the performance predictability of external fund rating systems. Most investors use 5 stars rated funds to build their portfolios. The underlying idea is that funds which were the best during the last three years will be better performers than the other funds in the future. It implies that the 5 stars rating is a good persistence measure(More)
This paper relates a case of Burkitt lymphoma, whose initial presentation was a deep-bite malformation, that accentuated within a month. Orthodontic consultation referred this 8 years old boy to hospital, where diagnosis was ascertained. The authors discuss radiographs that have been taken before and during the installation of the clinical symptomatology.(More)
Routine othodontic management is unavoidable in all patients with cleft lip and palate after primary surgery. This management combines dental arch alignment with maxillary expansion of the lesser fragment before alveolar bone grafting. To treat dental arch asymmetry, the space of the missing lateral incisor is preserved until the age of dental implant.(More)
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