Anne Sheldrake

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the potential clinical use of maternal serum free beta-human chorionic gonadotropin (beta-hCG) and uterine artery Doppler investigation to screen for placenta-related adverse outcome in pregnancies at positive risk for Down's syndrome at 15-18 weeks. DESIGN A cohort of 329 consecutive pregnant women with a singleton viable pregnancy(More)
The relationship between adverse perinatal outcomes in women with false positive biochemical screening test for Down syndrome was investigated in a retrospective case-controlled study. A cohort of 4000 women who booked for routine antenatal care and opted for biochemical screening over a 22 month period was obtained. The pregnancy outcome data of 272 women(More)
  • A M Sheldrake
  • 1992
For many years buildings were designed to use standard plant and provide good operational conditions, without consideration of the efficient use of energy. This might have been acceptable when energy was cheap, but with rising energy costs, and recent government instruction to reduce consumption levels, it is necessary to actively consider plant running(More)
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