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PURPOSE The purpose of the study was to test the feasibility and efficacy of a diabetes self-management and education program for Chinese Americans in a support group format. The rationale for the study was to create culturally appropriate diabetes education and management programs in response to the growing diabetes prevalence among Chinese Americans. The(More)
We incorporate anthropological insights into a stigma framework to elucidate the role of culture in threat perception and stigma among Chinese groups. Prior work suggests that genetic contamination that jeopardizes the extension of one's family lineage may comprise a culture-specific threat among Chinese groups. In Study 1, a national survey conducted from(More)
Gambling is fast becoming a public health problem in the United States, especially among emerging adults (18–25 year olds). Since 1995, rates have recently doubled with around 7–11 % of the emerging adult population having problems with gambling (Shaffer et al. in Am J Public Health 89(9):1369–1376, 1999; Cyders and Smith in Pers Individ Diff 45(6):503–508,(More)
In response to a call to better integrate culture in community psychology (O'Donnell in American Journal of Community Psychology 37:1-7 2006), we offer a cultural-community framework to facilitate a collaborative engagement between community psychologists and ethnic minority communities, focusing on Asian American communities as illustrations. Extending(More)
The current study examined perceptions of living up to parental expectations (LPE) and personal standards as possible mediators of the relationship between ethnicity and worry in a sample of 836 Asian American and 856 White American college students. Asian Americans reported higher frequency of academic- and family-related worries, but they did not report(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine perceptions of medical doctor behavior in mental health (MH) utilization disparities. DATA SOURCES Secondary data analyses of the National Comorbidity Survey-Replication and the National Latino and Asian American Study (2001-2003). STUDY DESIGN Sample included non-Hispanic whites (NHWs), blacks, Asians, and Latinos. Dependent(More)
Since the publication of Sue et al. (Am Psychol 62:271-286, 2007a, b) seminal article, there has been an enormous scholarly interest in psychology on this construct of racial microaggressions-subtle everyday experiences of racism. In this paper, we provide a review of racial microaggressions research literature in psychology since 2007, following the(More)
INTRODUCTION AND AIMS Non-smokers' assertive behaviour towards smokers by asking them not to smoke is important in promoting smoke-free environments. Korean and Chinese Americans come from countries where most women are non-smokers and assertive behaviour may not be prevalent but may increase after migration because of social-ecological factors. This study(More)
This qualitative study examines the social environmental influences on smoking and cessation from the perspectives of Chinese smokers and household nonsmokers in California. Seven focus groups were conducted with 63 participants. Three culturally influenced levels of potential intervention emerged from constant comparative analysis. At the individual level,(More)
Psychological problems, such as depression and anxiety, are common among college students, but few receive treatment for it. Mental health literacy may partially account for low rates of mental health treatment utilization. We report 2 studies that investigated mental health literacy among individuals with varying degrees of psychological symptoms, using(More)