Anne S Nord

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High hepatic iron concentration (HIC) is associated with cardiac iron overload. However, simultaneous measurements of heart and liver iron often demonstrate no significant linear association. We postulated that slower rates of cardiac iron accumulation and clearance could reconcile these differences. To test this hypothesis, we examined the longitudinal(More)
Ferritin levels and trends are widely used to manage iron overload and assess the efficacy of prescribed iron chelation in patients with transfusional iron loading. A retrospective cohort study was conducted in 134 patients with transfusion-dependent anemia, over a period of up to 9 years. To determine whether the trends in ferritin adequately reflect the(More)
Chronic blood transfusions start at a very young age in subjects with transfusion-dependent anemias, the majority of whom have hereditary anemias. To understand how rapidly iron overload develops, we retrospectively reviewed 308 MRIs for evaluation of liver, pancreatic, or cardiac iron in 125 subjects less than 10 years old. Median age at first MRI(More)
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