Anne Roggensack

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-Preeclampsia is a multisystemic disorder of pregnancy in which the normal vascular adaptations to pregnancy are compromised. Oxidative stress as well as endothelial cell dysfunction have been implicated as pathophysiological features of preeclampsia. Endothelial cells produce the vasorelaxant nitric oxide (NO). However, NO is also known to react with(More)
Spontaneous septostomy in a monochorionic diamniotic twin pregnancy is a rare phenomenon. We present a case of monochorionic diamniotic twin pregnancy with an intact dividing membrane seen in the 1st half of the pregnancy. At 26 weeks, when she was assessed for preterm contractions, the dividing membrane was not documented, which suggested spontaneous(More)
T he transport of pregnant women at high risk for problems to a facility that can provide the required obstetric and neonatal care is recognized as an essential component of modern perinatal care. Outcomes for the newborn are improved if women are transported antenatally, especially for those preterm infants who are born at less than 30 weeks' gestation. 1(More)
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