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This paper studies a general methodology and an associated tool for translating AADL (Architecture Analysis and Design Language) and annex behavior specification into the BIP (Behavior Interaction Priority) language. This allows simulation of systems specified in AADL and application to these systems of formal verification techniques developed for BIP, e.g.(More)
This paper presents the project STARMATE, funded by the EU (IST-1999-10202), which aims at specifying, designing, developing, and demonstrating a prototype allowing computer guided maintenance of complex mechanical elements using Augmented Reality techniques. The system will provide two main functionalities: User assistance for achieving(More)
In this paper we show that by performing some VHDL elaboration transformations before synthesis we can extend the synthesis subset to include complex structural and hierarchical statements. This in turn means that: • Design, debug and simulation times are reduced • Designs are more accessible (readable, modifiable, portable, reusable) • Design prototyping(More)
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