Anne Ritter

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Sleep is an essential physiological process that underlies crucial cognitive functions as well as emotional reactivity. Thus, sleep deprivation (SD) may exert various deleterious effects. In this study, we aimed to examine the adverse behavioral and hormonal effects of SD and a potential treatment with Plant-derived nanoparticle treatment - cocc 30c. The(More)
Uzara glycosides (UG) extracted from Xysmalobium undulatum are used for treating non-specific diarrhea.Cross-reactivity has been described for UG in digitalis glycoside assays but digitalis-like cardiac effects are controversially discussed. Therefore, we performed a randomized, singleblind cross-over study in 18 healthy volunteers receiving a commercially(More)
The present paper aims to explore issues related to men within the context of seeking help for substance abuse. The male gender role is in conflict with help-seeking behaviour and with the fundamental principles of therapy, i.e. introspection, emotional expressivity and acknowledgement of difficulties. This creates a paradox for the male seeking(More)
The connection between the inner heart action in form of the double product and the physical functional capacity in watt (PWC) was controlled in patients with chronic ischaemic heart disease. For this purpose 64 patients with an average age of 47 years in the pulmological institute Mosdos and 25 patients with an average age of 53 years in the clinic for(More)