Anne Richardson

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Recombinant factor VIIa may reduce surgical blood loss and transfusion of blood products in cardiac surgery. However, the true risks of its use in this setting remains to be elucidated, especially when it is administered with other potent pro-haemostatic agents. We reviewed the recent literature on this topic and suggest that the off label use of(More)
BACKGROUND The age-standardised incidence of breast cancer varies geographically, with rates in the highest-risk countries more than five times those in the lowest-risk countries. METHODS We investigated the correlation between male (MBC) and female breast cancer (FBC) incidence stratified by female age-group (<50 years, and ≥50 years) and used Poisson(More)
In the final stanza of John Keats's " Ode on Melancholy, " there are capitalized emotions such as " Joy " that are characters within the poem. William Blake's " Songs of Innocence " and " Songs of Experience " include personified emotions in much the same way. In this paper I will define allegory as using a " radical dispersonification " in which(More)
bronchoconstiction in subjects with mild asthma whose responses are inhibited by atropine. Abstract Circulating autoantibodies to enterocytes were detected by indirect immunofluorescence in 14 out of 25 patients with idiopathic protracted diarrhoea of infancy. Similar specificities were not found in 50 control children with non-gastroenterological(More)
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