Anne Reichardt

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In vitro fabricated tissue engineered vascular constructs could provide an alternative to conventional substitutes. A crucial factor for tissue engineering of vascular constructs is an appropriate cell source. Vascular cells from the human umbilical cord can be directly isolated and cryopreserved until needed. Currently no cell bank for human vascular cells(More)
Widespread use of human umbilical cord cells for cardiovascular tissue engineering requires production of large numbers of well-characterized cells under controlled conditions. In current research projects, the expansion of cells to be used to create a tissue construct is usually performed in static cell culture systems which are, however, often not(More)
A shift from osteoblastogenesis to adipogenesis is one of the underlying mechanisms of decreased bone mass and increased fat during aging. We now uncover a new role for the transcription factor Fra-1 in suppressing adipogenesis. Indeed, Fra1 (Fosl1) transgenic (Fra1tg) mice, which developed progressive osteosclerosis as a result of accelerated osteoblast(More)
We present new Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array radio continuum images of the nuclei of Arp 220, the nearest ultra-luminous infrared galaxy. These new images have both the angular resolution to study the detailed morphologies of the two nuclei that power the galaxy merger and sensitivity to a wide range of spatial scales. At 33 GHz, we achieve a resolution(More)
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