Anne Provencher-Bolliger

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Lymphocytic thyroiditis is a common canine condition that can lead to functional hypothyroidism. It is associated with more than 50% of cases of canine hypothyroidism. Evidence in human beings and experimental situations suggests that it is a disease of defective immunoregulation, but specific investigation of the molecular pathogenesis of the naturally(More)
Recurrent prostate cancer presents a challenge to conventional treatment, particularly so to address micrometastatic and small-volume disease. Use of α-radionuclide therapy is considered as a highly effective treatment in such applications due to the shorter range and exquisite cytotoxicity of α-particles as compared with β-particles. (213)Bi is considered(More)
The availability of PTH, iCa, PTHrP, and 25OHD assays for evaluation of calcium abnormalities in companion animals has been well received [table: see text] by clinicians and diagnosticians. Use of these assays has heightened awareness that some of these disorders are more common than originally thought. Also, there is added insight of alterations of calcium(More)
As opposed to erythropoiesis, which is regularly assessed in the peripheral blood of animals by reticulocyte count, thrombopoiesis is rarely assessed in assays that detect immature platelets in the peripheral blood. An assessment of recent thrombopoiesis is feasible with the analysis of reticulated platelets in the peripheral blood via flow cytometry, but(More)
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