Anne P Reid

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Secular and cohort trends in mortality from cancer in Scotland during 1953-93, and incidence during 1960-90, were analysed using individual records from the national mortality and registration files. For certain cancer sites, the secular analyses of mortality were extended back to 1911 by use of published data. Mortality from cancer at older ages in(More)
Metallothioneins are ubiquitous low molecular weight proteins characterised by high cysteine content and affinity for binding heavy metals. Abnormal metallothionein function and expression have been implicated in various disease states, including neoplasia. The aim of this study was to investigate metallothionein expression in human breast carcinoma.(More)
Fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) of pure triglyceride standards, oils, and fat from dry matrixes were formed by transesterification using sodium methoxide in methanol-hexane. FAMEs were produced by direct addition of sodium methoxide-hexane to samples and heating to simultaneously extract and transesterify acyl lipids. FAMEs were quantitated by capillary(More)
BACKGROUND Different opioids for use in the control of moderate to severe cancer pain have become widely available. More recently, sophisticated formulations such as transdermal patches have been developed. One example, transdermal fentanyl (TF), has characteristic pharmacokinetics and along with the other opioids, equivalency conversions are often made(More)
There has been increasing interest in recent years in negative regulators of haemopoietic stem cell proliferation. Such factors, as well as being of general interest in the understanding of the regulation of haemopoiesis, may also have profound clinical implications; for example, in alleviating the neutropenia which follows destruction of the haemopoietic(More)
A zero control reference material (ZRM) for milk and soy-based infant formula was manufactured and characterized. The ZRM was free of retinyl palmitate and all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate. The composition was similar to commercially available infant formula. The ZRM provides a valuable tool to ascertain method performance.
INTRODUCTION The introduction of biological and synthetic meshes has revolutionised the practice of implant-based breast reconstruction (IBBR) but evidence for effectiveness is lacking. The iBRA (implant Breast Reconstruction evAluation) study is a national trainee-led project that aims to explore the practice and outcomes of IBBR to inform the design of a(More)
A prospective trial was carried out to assess the value of a radionuclide transverse section view in addition to conventional radionuclide scans of the liver. Reports for 373 patients were analysed and compared with the final independent clinical diagnosis. Although several individual cases were more accurately diagnosed using the tomographic section view,(More)