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Exceedance of steady-state critical loads for soil acidification is consistently found in southern China and parts of SE Asia, but there is no evidence of impacts outside of China. This study describes a methodology for calculating the time to effects for soils sensitive to acidic deposition in Asia under potential future sulfur (S), nitrogen (N), and(More)
This article is the third in a series of four, looking at the impact on the nursing profession of the increasing demand to demonstrate the nursing contribution to patient care in terms of quality and performance. Information management processes and indicators for the measurement of care are described. The necessary improvements that need to be made to(More)
Concerns have been raised that declining energy return on energy investment (EROI) from fossil fuels, and low levels of EROI for alternative energy sources, could constrain the ability of national economies to continue to deliver economic growth and improvements in social wellbeing while undertaking a low-carbon transition. However, in order to test these(More)
This is the final in a series of four articles that discuss issues relating to the UK's growing reliance on health information technology. It is becoming increasingly clear that information and communication technologies are increasing the availability of health care, and improving the management, sharing and understanding of health care at a local and(More)
The Weed System of Problem Orientated Medical Records (POMR) was first used by medical staff in the psychogeriatric unit at Cefn Coed Hospital, Swansea in 1976. In 1983, when the Nursing Process was introduced, it became apparent that both systems are virtually identical. Although different terminology is used, each contains four components--data(More)
Environmentally extended multi-regional input-output (EE-MRIO) models provide us with a wealth of data relating to consumption-based environmental impacts at a national level. The results can identify the categories of consumption and sectors of production that contribute most to environmental impact allowing policy makers to prioritise intervention into(More)
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