Anne Nolan

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1 " When we give money to companies, we forget to ask them to demonstrate what they're giving back – and the objective is to get something back. So why not put the requirement on that they have to be from out of state, then we know that the jobs are new, or if they're from in-state, that they demonstrate some expansion of their business – a doubling of(More)
Many people remain in the same income group as their parents and this is a cause of much discussion and some concern. In this work, we examine how intergenerational mobility affects subjective wellbeing (SWB) using the British Cohort Study. Our SWB measures encapsulate life satisfaction and mental health. We find that relative income mobility is a(More)
The presence of pronounced inequalities in mortality and life expectancy across income, education and social groups has long been a " stylized fact " of demography. Research across a large number of developed and wealthy countries, including Ireland, has shown that those with fewer resources, less education or a lower occupational class have higher(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate the extent of the difference in elective (ELCS) and emergency (EMCS) caesarean section (CS) rates between nulliparous women in public maternity hospitals in Ireland by model of care, and to quantify the contribution of maternal, clinical, and hospital characteristics in explaining the difference in the rates. METHODS Cross-sectional(More)
Protection Agency which has the statutory function of coordinating and promoting environmental research. This project involved many tasks and much coordination and the authors owe a debt of gratitude to all those who contributed in various ways. Of the ESRI personnel involved, Alan Barrett formulated the original proposal on which this analysis is based.(More)
This paper uses Irish micro-data to analyse the determinants of urban households' transport decisions by estimating elasticities of demand for car ownership, car use and public transport with respect to income and various household socio-demographic characteristics. This paper uses expenditure data to examine car and public transport use and analyses the(More)
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