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research interests include teacher education and empowerment of students' learning in virtual learning environments of higher education. Abstract The paper focuses on the question of how to advance collaboration through the Web and support lifelong learning. First, the theoretical framework and architecture of a new web-based tool, the 'IQ Team', is(More)
This article reports a study on the impact of university teachers' pedagogical training on approaches to teaching and self-efficacy beliefs (measured by Approaches to Teaching Inventory and an additional part measuring motivational strategies). The participants were 200 teachers of the University of Helsinki, who were divided into four groups depending on(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to compare whether students' learning outcomes would be better in a designed learning environment (WebCT) than in a conventional web site (WWW) with similar course material but without special learning tools. CONTEXT Third-year medical students in an introductory course on medical informatics at the University of(More)
BACKGROUND There is controversial evidence of the impact of individual learning style on students' performance in computer-aided learning. AIMS We assessed the association between the use of multimedia materials, such as video clips, and collaborative communication tools with learning outcome among medical students. METHOD One hundred and twenty-one(More)
This study discusses student's experiences on Web-based learning in a Helsinki Virtual Open University HEVI [01] environment with the help of a new modeling technique, Bayesian networks. The advantage of Bayesian network models relies both on improved modeling capabilities and in the possibility to use such models to implement new integrative modules that(More)
We investigated the relationships between stress, learning strategies, and study success among first-year veterinary students at the very beginning of their veterinary studies. The study was carried out during the first course on macroscopic anatomy (osteology), which students have in the past found to be exceptionally stressful. Students (N=45) completed a(More)
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