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3 Recent studies of oceanic microseisms have concentrate on fundamental-4 mode surface waves. Extraction of fundamental-mode Rayleigh and Love wave 5 Green functions from station-station correlations of ambient seismic noise 6 has recently been demonstrated to be a very powerful tool for imaging of the 7 Earth's crust and uppermost mantle. 8 In this study(More)
The traceability chain of one national reference laboratory (PTB) and three accredited radon calibration laboratories (BfS MPA and PSI) to internationally acknowledged radon gas standards is specified. As an additional tool for quality assurance, interchange of an electronic radon measuring instrument was used as a means for a relative comparison of the(More)
The activity concentration of radon in the environment can vary over five orders of magnitude. Radon and its progenies thus concern all people involved in radiation protection as well as in low-level experiments. In the German radon reference chamber at the PTB, radon and its progenies are measured with different systems for alpha- and gamma-spectrometry(More)
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