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Statistical debugging uses machine learning to model program failures and help identify root causes of bugs. We approach this task using a novel Delta-Latent-Dirichlet-Allocation model. We model execution traces attributed to failed runs of a program as being generated by two types of latent topics: normal usage topics and bug topics. Execution traces(More)
Mulhern Automated proof assistants provide few facilities for incremental development. Generally, if the underlying structures on which a proof is based are modified, the developer must redo much of the proof. Yet incremental development is really the most natural approach for proofs of programming language properties [5, 12]. We propose " proof weaving " ,(More)
Modern integrated development environments (IDEs) provide programmers with a variety of sophisticated tools for program visualization and manipulation. These tools assist the programmer in understanding legacy code and making coordinated changes across large parts of a program. Similar tools incorporated into an integrated proof environment (IPE) would(More)
Coq's inversion tactic fails when it is required to invert an hypothesis in Prop to prove a goal that is not in Prop. There are some exceptions to this rule. • If the type of the hypothesis has zero constructors the inversion tactic succeeds. • If the type of the hypothesis has just one constructor, and deconstructing the term yields no further information(More)
A patient with chronic granulocytic leukemia in acute blastic transformation was treated with mithramycin, an RNA synthesis inhibitor, after in vitro exposure of her leukemic cells to mithramycin showed differentiation to normal appearing granulocytes. Mithramycin therapy in vivo resulted in a prompt and dramatic hematologic response. Before therapy, the(More)